Preventing COVID-19 Cyber Attacks

Scan your external systems cybersecurity

In support of efforts to curb cybersecurity-related issues related to the spread of COVID-19, ProCircular is offering a free vulnerability check for the networks of organizations deemed Critical Infrastructure in Iowa and adjacent states.

ProCircular’s vulnerability scanning provides an overall picture of your border risks.  This assessment is a starting point to create a baseline picture of technical vulnerabilities and meet basic security compliance requirements requesting “security testing.”

Vulnerability scans are the first step in reducing security incidents, protecting your intellectual property and leveraging your organization’s security posture as a competitive advantage.


  • The client will provide a list of external IP addresses.
  • ProCircular’s experts will review the list and define targets for vulnerability scanning
  • The team will use automated tools to scan the external devices on your network for known vulnerabilities and additional security risks.
  • To ensure quality, ProCircular may make attempts to verify live hosts or vulnerabilities.


An automated report will be generated for your technical staff that includes detailed technical vulnerability findings, and assignment of a risk rating for each vulnerability with supporting detailed exhibits for vulnerabilities. 

Any follow up questions for clarification can be emailed to