ProCircular Cyber Due Diligence Panel Download

Cyber Due Diligence Panel Download

As mergers and acquisitions continue to be front of mind for businesses in the new year, due diligence is more important than ever to ensure deals are closed with a complete picture of what is being bought or sold. In particular, cyber due diligence is essential to find and mitigate cyber risks across devices and networks, helping to avoid an unknown breach or incident during the M&A process. On February 1st, ProCircular CEO  Aaron Warner, hosted a panel to cover the importance of cybersecurity as a part of due diligence, share their experiences, and give different perspectives on the topic. The panel included:

  • Andy Bess, Managing Director, TrueNorth Capital Partners & Hero Investments
  • Brent Bormann, Chief Financial Officer, Rayser Holdings
  • Drew Larson, Attorney, BrownWinick Law Firm 

No M&A strategy is complete without taking cybersecurity considerations into account, so be sure to watch this discussion and learn more about how organizations can excel when it comes to cyber due diligence.