ProCircular Flash Briefing Download: Ukraine Cyberwar and Battlefield Update

ProCircular Flash Briefing Download: Ukraine Cyberwar and Battlefield Update

The international order is still reeling from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Actions by the President, European Union, NATO and world leaders have been strong and, in many ways, unprecedented. Potentially, this crisis may result in five million refugees and tens of thousands of casualties in a kind of European war unknown since WWII. Vladimir Putin has been openly referring to nuclear weapons, NATO is rapidly reinforcing its eastern flank and the entire world is on edge.

The consequences of this action are being felt here at home with spiking gas prices along with other key commodities (i.e., palladium, nickel, titanium and wheat/corn), and there is the potential for devastating cyberattacks against our critical infrastructure and possibly worse.

Hal Kempfer is a retired Marine Corps intelligence officer and CEO/Founder of Global Risk Intelligence and Planning. He is a long-time threat training expert used by both public and private sector organizations, especially InfraGard, and has been keeping our region and the nation informed on the latest developments through frequent on-air television news appearances. An expert on Russian military tactics, he brings a unique blend of military knowledge and commercial strategic risk assessment to explain this very dangerous and fast-changing situation and its potential impact to the U.S. Critical Infrastructure sectors.

ProCircular welcomed back Hal to provide a “Ukraine Situation Report” (SitRep) to update us on the latest developments, and what they mean or could mean for both the world and for all of us here at home. ProCircular CEO, Aaron Warner, also laid out the most recent cybersecurity threats and effective protective measures.