Flash Briefing: Healthcare Ryuk 2020 Recording

Flash Briefing: Healthcare Ryuk 2020

The cybercriminal gang Ryuk is at it again, and ProCircular engineers are working with a client in Healthcare that has already been affected. According to the FBI, DHS, and Homeland Security, there is an “imminent cybercrime threat to U.S. hospitals and healthcare providers” from this new version of their malware. The malware is sophisticated, difficult to detect, and the ransom amounts from this group have exceeded one million dollars.

Our Incident Response engineers devloped an IOC (indicators of compromise) to share with relevant Law Enforcement, and we want to give our clients access to the information ASAP. ProCircular’s CTO, Brandon Potter, shared what we’ve seen in the wild, steps to prevent infection, and how to respond if this variant is detected in your organization.